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May 10, 2019Many Are Called. Few Are Chosen. Even Less Respond.
April 6, 2019Working With Clare and Meeting the Cloud
April 4, 2019Clare Has Not Abandoned You & New Onslaught of Demons
March 30, 2019Following the Love Plateaus up the Mountain of Holiness
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 2, 2019A Plea from Rainbow to Her Family
December 24, 2018From Repentance to Resurrection of Our Dreams
December 17, 2018Are You Living in Hopelessness?
December 4, 2018New Beginnings & Pastors with Failing Churches
May 20, 2018Pulled Off Course--Overcoming Temptation
April 19, 2018Imminent War & Rapture Warnings /Jesus Speaks on Copyrights
March 29, 2018You Have Left All for Jesus. Now What?
January 29, 2018Prepare Your Hearts for Springtime
January 25, 2018Ancestral Memories & Your Calling
November 10, 2017Running Ahead of the Lord-A Correction
November 8, 2017Pick Yourself Back Up-I Will Carry You
October 17, 2017You Are Coming Into Your Fullness
September 3, 2017Discovering Yourself
August 23, 2017He Is the Vine; We Are the Branches
August 19, 2017Satan's X-ray Vision Into Our Faults
August 1, 2017Going Deeper With Jesus in Your Destiny
July 21, 2017How Our Thinking Can Isolate Us From Reality
July 15, 2017Correspondence With A Struggling Young Woman
July 11, 2017Promotion is Coming - A Light On A Hill
July 7, 2017Preparations for War??
June 7, 2017Miraculous Signs, Demonic Attack, Surgery by Jesus
May 25, 2017We Will Overcome Obstacles to Your Destiny
May 21, 2017Jesus to His Bride-A Pure Heart is Irresistible
May 18, 2017How Soon Is the Rapture?
May 15, 2017You Are Standing Before Your Destiny NOW
May 9, 2017Will Your Destiny Run Aground?
May 8, 2017You Are the Miracle Walking in Faith
April 19, 2017Be True To Me, Clare, Be True to Me
April 13, 2017But What is My Mission Jesus? How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats Part 2 of 2
April 13, 2017But What Is My Mission Jesus? How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats Part 1 of 2
April 10, 2017Awesome Inspiring Word, We Are Moving Into Our Season of Destiny (a powerful word from Lana Vawser)
April 10, 2017What Would You Do if You Knew You Would Not Fail?
March 22, 2017I Am Carrying You Over the Threshold of Your Dreams & Rivalry
March 10, 2017Martha, Mary & Doing Our Part for Him & America Restored
March 3, 2017Learning to Worship & Create, The Best Wine Last
January 29, 2017My Bride Will Not Return to Me Void
January 21, 2017You Have Won a Victory - Now Move Forward with Your Gifts
November 27, 2016Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep
October 31, 2016Bondage to Satan, Halloween Night
October 17, 2016Will You Fulfill Your Divine Destiny?
October 7, 2016Ascending the Mountain of Holiness
September 12, 2016In Over My Head
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
September 6, 2016God's Will for You Involves Your Heart Dreams
August 27, 2016I Am Leading You Into Your Dreams; Trust Me