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May 10, 2019Many Are Called. Few Are Chosen. Even Less Respond.
May 5, 2019A Life of Solitude and Prayer
April 27, 2019My Church Has No Need OF THE WORLD
April 25, 2019Arrogance in Me and Beltane
April 18, 2019Destroying Compromise in My Church
April 17, 2019Signs: The Coat and the Serving Tray
April 4, 2019Clare Has Not Abandoned You & New Onslaught of Demons
March 30, 2019Following the Love Plateaus up the Mountain of Holiness
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
January 10, 2019Are People of Prayer... Delusional??
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 2, 2019A Plea from Rainbow to Her Family
December 7, 2018Sherene's (Rainbow's) Choice
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
October 1, 2018BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week?
September 18, 2018Confession: I Allowed Distractions to Steal Time
September 14, 2018Extinction Level Event Planned by The Clay Feet
August 25, 2018Have You Felt Stripped and Fruitless?
June 23, 2018God is Calling Us to Be a Father to The Poor
June 5, 2018Intercede! & We Opened a Door Again: Ezekiel Attacked & Presumption in Marriage
June 4, 2018Do You Want to Hear Jesus Clearly?
May 29, 2018New Music is Coming & Jesus the Vine
May 23, 2018The Tiny Hole Sunk the Boat
May 13, 2018Our Father & Glory Be by Clare (music)
April 18, 2018The Test: Will I Trust in God Alone?
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
March 25, 2018Obedience is My Protection for You
March 14, 2018"I Draw Best with Broken Pencils"
January 29, 2018Prepare Your Hearts for Springtime
January 28, 2018With Christ, We Are Overcomers--Not Quitters
January 25, 2018Ancestral Memories & Your Calling
January 18, 2018How Suffering Snatched a Soul from Hell
January 14, 2018How to Preserve Grace--Receive My Love
January 8, 2018When You Are Tempted To Give Up...DON'T!!!
January 5, 2018Attaining Union of Heart with Me
January 2, 2018Pray! Your Prayers Are Working
January 1, 2018Pray for Liberal Eyes to be Opened
December 7, 2017CRITICAL TIME!--Coming Financial Changes--Israel
November 30, 2017Did Marines Storm CIA Headquarters? Yes, They Did.
November 27, 2017Pride... A.G.A.I.N. UGH!
November 26, 2017The Pride Seesaw & Leaven of the Pharisees
November 24, 2017I Grieved the Lord & Christmas
November 21, 2017The Hidden Life of Integrity
November 8, 2017Pick Yourself Back Up-I Will Carry You
October 19, 2017Ask Me For Supernatural Gifts
October 12, 2017Foaming Lies At Your Feet
October 6, 2017Nuclear War On American Soil, Obama Collusion w/ N.K. to Destabilize America