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December 17, 2018Are You Living in Hopelessness?
May 6, 2018Rejected By Her Family: Letter
March 29, 2018You Have Left All for Jesus. Now What?
September 3, 2017Discovering Yourself
July 23, 2017How To Foster Trust in a Soul
February 3, 2017Hope for the Poison of Pride - There is Hope for the Proud
July 22, 2016Evangelize with Brotherly Love & Pres. Putin's Anti Freedom of Religion Law
July 12, 2016Overcoming The Deceptions of This Age & The Nature of Aliens
April 1, 2016How Prayer Fails
November 29, 2015"Show Mercy To Yourself As Well As Others." Jesus said.
November 14, 2015Pure Life In Me, a word from Jesus
October 6, 2015Unforgiveness A Gridlock on Grace, Jesus Teaching
June 22, 2015Sexual Temptations In Prayer
June 1, 2015Why Does God Allow Suffering?
May 20, 2015Abba Father's Grief, call to prayer for the Middle East