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March 6, 2019Lent is a Time for Purifying
February 25, 2019Jesus Waits in the Wedding Chamber
October 17, 2018Jesus Has the Rapture on His Mind...
July 8, 2018Jesus Teaches on Obstacles to Hearing Him
June 4, 2018Do You Want to Hear Jesus Clearly?
June 2, 2018Apology for Neglecting You & Why NEVER Abortion
April 2, 2018I Forgive You & Receive the Gift of Hearing My Voice
March 29, 2018You Have Left All for Jesus. Now What?
February 28, 2018Intensified Nefarious Tactics Against Us
January 14, 2018How to Preserve Grace--Receive My Love
December 28, 2017Come to Me with Your Failures & Compulsions
July 15, 2017Correspondence With A Struggling Young Woman
March 1, 2017The Anointing For Music From The Heart, Touch the Hem of His Garment
January 17, 2017The Hidden Power of Authentic Love in the Family & Interpretation of Dreams
November 25, 2016Living In God's Will & Destiny
October 6, 2016Come to Me Ready to Dance & New Age Music is a Genre of Music
September 17, 2016How To Receive My Anointing For Your Life Everyday
July 16, 2016Are You Wise?
July 12, 2016Overcoming The Deceptions of This Age & The Nature of Aliens
July 10, 2016Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
May 8, 2016Nourishment Every Day
March 31, 2016From Glory to Glory
March 15, 2016Seeking a Word From Others vs. Conversing With Me
January 13, 2016You Are The Highpoint of My Day
November 17, 2015If You Love Me ...Rapture... Sexual Temptations, Teaching from Jesus
September 23, 2015Stand on Your Own Word From Me
August 20, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 2
August 19, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 1
August 18, 2015Four Keys To Intimacy, Mark Virkler Interview
August 18, 2015We Are New Wineskins & is the World Collapsing in September?
July 26, 2015Discerning the Sucker Punch
June 24, 2015Getting A Word From the Lord
May 13, 2015You Do Not Receive Because You Do Not Believe
April 30, 2015Draw Souls To Me With The Fragrance of My Love
April 24, 2015Rescued From A Familiar Spirit
April 16, 2015Can Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?
April 13, 2015Count the Cost (Of An Intimate Relationship with Jesus)
March 28, 2015Jesus Answers His Bride, How to Hear & See Me + Rapture Date Has Been Set
March 26, 2015I'm Calling You Closer, Our World is Coming to a Head
February 14, 2015Intimacy with Jesus is Our Preparation for the Rapture
December 21, 2014Singing River Chronicle, Chronicles of the Bride, Journeys in Heaven
December 20, 2014Discerning Between The Three Voices You Hear in Prayer
November 6, 2014How Priceless is Intimacy with God
October 15, 2014Hear & See Jesus, How To
October 6, 2014Visiting Heaven thru Prayer 1 of 2