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April 12, 2019Rapture & Is It Exhaustion or Laziness?
April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
February 25, 2019Jesus Waits in the Wedding Chamber
February 10, 2019We Have Been Infected With Seeds of Bitterness
December 9, 2018Comfort Me. Come Back to Me, My People
August 20, 2018I Will Make You Fishers of Men
July 18, 2018A Word for the Suffering
July 14, 2018Hindrances to Hearing & Seeing God
June 14, 2018Message Repost: Without Love You Will Not Be Taken in the Rapture Prophetic Message
June 8, 2018Come. Drink From the Nectar of My Heart
June 5, 2018Intercede! & We Opened a Door Again: Ezekiel Attacked & Presumption in Marriage
May 7, 2018A Hostile Conversation Turns to Sucker Punch: Letter
May 6, 2018Rejected By Her Family: Letter
April 25, 2018Another Visit from the Great Cloud
March 29, 2018You Have Left All for Jesus. Now What?
March 14, 2018"I Draw Best with Broken Pencils"
March 4, 2018For Those Who Wander
December 28, 2017Come to Me with Your Failures & Compulsions
November 27, 2017Pride... A.G.A.I.N. UGH!
October 28, 2017The Joy of Being IN The Arms of My Bride!
October 12, 2017Foaming Lies At Your Feet
August 23, 2017He Is the Vine; We Are the Branches
August 12, 2017Are Jesus and Satan Brothers? Exodus: Gods & Kings Movie, Holy Trinity Explained Part 2 of 3
August 1, 2017Going Deeper With Jesus in Your Destiny
July 21, 2017How Our Thinking Can Isolate Us From Reality
July 15, 2017Correspondence With A Struggling Young Woman
July 11, 2017Promotion is Coming - A Light On A Hill
July 10, 2017Stand Firm In Me & Defend My Honor
June 25, 2017Gratitude -The Key to Answered Prayer
June 9, 2017When It Hurts To Let Go
June 7, 2017Miraculous Signs, Demonic Attack, Surgery by Jesus
June 4, 2017Come to Me, I Long For You
May 17, 2017Falling Deeper In Love With God
May 15, 2017You Are Standing Before Your Destiny NOW
May 8, 2017You Are the Miracle Walking in Faith
April 10, 2017What Would You Do if You Knew You Would Not Fail?
April 5, 2017Deeper Intimacy With God in Prayer, 1 of 2
March 22, 2017I Am Carrying You Over the Threshold of Your Dreams & Rivalry
March 1, 2017The Anointing For Music From The Heart, Touch the Hem of His Garment
February 15, 2017Adornments for the King's Bride
February 12, 2017Come To Me In Joyful Expectation
January 28, 2017You Are My Cinderella
January 11, 2017America Raised From The Dead By Our Prayers
November 30, 2016Hear My Cry, Chronicle of the Bride
November 15, 2016Your Heart is Far From Me & Satan's Plan To Stop Trump 1 of 2
November 8, 2016Election Day - "The Decisive Hour" Jesus said
October 31, 2016Bondage to Satan, Halloween Night
October 17, 2016Will You Fulfill Your Divine Destiny?
October 10, 2016The Fragrance of Longing For Me Is Upon the World / Pray for Mercy
September 21, 2016How We Miss Our Breakthroughs