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June 3, 2019Division Among My People MUST END
May 3, 2019New Update -Trump IS in England
April 14, 2019Is Your Tree Bearing Bad Fruit?
April 4, 2019Clare Has Not Abandoned You & New Onslaught of Demons
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 6, 2019Jesus is Counting on Our Prayers
January 4, 2019Dreams of Enemy Forces Taking Over America
December 24, 2018Heaven Salutes Those Who Are Praying
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
October 1, 2018BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week?
September 14, 2018Extinction Level Event Planned by The Clay Feet
August 28, 2018The Fate of a Traitor
August 27, 2018Pray Against Suicides and Use the Rosary
August 25, 2018Have You Felt Stripped and Fruitless?
June 27, 2018Your Prayers for America
June 5, 2018Intercede! & We Opened a Door Again: Ezekiel Attacked & Presumption in Marriage
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
March 25, 2018Obedience is My Protection for You
March 21, 2018Assassination Attempt on President Trump
March 20, 2018Intense Intercession Against Abortion
February 13, 2018We Are In Very Great Danger! But There Is Hope, If...
February 12, 2018Pray to Alert Nuclear War
January 30, 2018URGENT! Pray & Fast for President Trump
December 7, 2017CRITICAL TIME!--Coming Financial Changes--Israel
November 30, 2017Did Marines Storm CIA Headquarters? Yes, They Did.
October 6, 2017Nuclear War On American Soil, Obama Collusion w/ N.K. to Destabilize America
September 15, 2017Fasting and The Cloud-of-Lies Media
September 6, 2017Satan's Agenda for U.S. About to Receive A Fatal Blow
August 19, 2017Satan's X-ray Vision Into Our Faults
July 11, 2017Promotion is Coming - A Light On A Hill
July 7, 2017Preparations for War??
April 16, 2017Suffering Want and Trusting in My Provision
April 15, 2017Pray for Your President & World Leaders
March 28, 2017America Hanging in the Balance, Satan's Offerings vs. Our Prayers
February 9, 2017COURAGE My Children, COURAGE Pray No More Abortions
December 5, 2016Trump and Putin Kidnapping & Assassination plots Pray!
November 12, 2016A Taste of World Peace
November 10, 2016Trump Wins - The Battle Begins
November 9, 2016President Elect Trump
September 26, 2016I Need MORE prayers! Sanctify Your Sorrows
July 29, 2016My Heavenly Bride, (& Spiritual Warfare)
July 23, 2016Prayer & Repentance Holds Judgement Back & Elects Donald Trump
July 22, 2016Evangelize with Brotherly Love & Pres. Putin's Anti Freedom of Religion Law
July 11, 2016God is Hearing the Russian People & Opposing the Elites
June 22, 2016Urgent Prayer Alert! June 22, 2016
March 4, 2016Who Will I Rapture?
February 1, 2016Support One Another in Your Weaknesses
January 18, 2016We Are Drawing Closer and Closer to the End