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June 3, 2019Division Among My People MUST END
May 3, 2019New Update -Trump IS in England
May 2, 2019An Urgent Call to Prayer 5-2-2019
March 4, 2019Intel Update: PRAY Against Arming Biological Weapons w/Dead Man's Switch
February 14, 2019God's Judgment to Fall on Pro-Abortion Adherents
February 5, 2019We Are Turning a Corner
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 26, 2019Results From Our Prayers for the President
January 22, 2019The Light is Still With You
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 6, 2019Jesus is Counting on Our Prayers
January 5, 2019Defeat Approaching Forces with Prayer
January 4, 2019Dreams of Enemy Forces Taking Over America
December 28, 2018Continue to Cover the President in Prayer
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
November 28, 2018Comfort Me, Honor My Birth - Reject Religiosity
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
October 1, 2018BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week?
September 23, 2018The Last Trump - After the Rapture
September 14, 2018Extinction Level Event Planned by The Clay Feet
September 3, 2018Correcting an Error on the Q Post
August 28, 2018The Fate of a Traitor
August 15, 2018Pray, America & Do Not Sin Thru Gossip
July 17, 2018I Am Stretched Upon the Cross Over You, America
June 27, 2018Your Prayers for America
June 24, 2018Nukes Planted by Deep State to Blackmail POTUS
June 5, 2018Intercede! & We Opened a Door Again: Ezekiel Attacked & Presumption in Marriage
April 19, 2018Imminent War & Rapture Warnings /Jesus Speaks on Copyrights
March 8, 2018Plague to be Unleashed in America! Call to Prayer
February 13, 2018We Are In Very Great Danger! But There Is Hope, If...
February 7, 2018Children Being Tortured & Killed
January 30, 2018URGENT! Pray & Fast for President Trump
January 28, 2018With Christ, We Are Overcomers--Not Quitters
January 18, 2018How Suffering Snatched a Soul from Hell
January 2, 2018Pray! Your Prayers Are Working
January 2, 2018Addendum to: Pray! Your Prayers Are Working
January 1, 2018Pray for Liberal Eyes to be Opened
December 29, 2017These Are Times of Great Peril
December 22, 2017Praying Americans: THE GREATEST ARMY ON EARTH
December 19, 2017Cover Your Nation With Prayer
December 18, 2017Obama, Bushes Declared Domestic Terrorists. PRAY!
December 7, 2017CRITICAL TIME!--Coming Financial Changes--Israel
November 30, 2017Did Marines Storm CIA Headquarters? Yes, They Did.
November 29, 2017SERIOUS!! AMERICA UNDER SIEGE & Have You Ever Lost It?
September 15, 2017Fasting and The Cloud-of-Lies Media
September 6, 2017Satan's Agenda for U.S. About to Receive A Fatal Blow
August 21, 2017Pray with Passion, Your Enemy Advances