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May 2, 2019An Urgent Call to Prayer 5-2-2019
January 17, 2019Dragons: God's Creation Fallen to Satan's Perversion
August 28, 2018Kim Clement's Prophecy About Blessed Mother & America
July 31, 2018Crisis in the Vatican! Where Will the Catholics Go?
April 19, 2018Imminent War & Rapture Warnings /Jesus Speaks on Copyrights
February 15, 2018Perseverance in the Face of Great Trial; New Info About the Cloud of Witnesses Pt. 2
February 2, 2018Lana Vawser Post, Jan. 28, 2018
October 19, 2017Ask Me For Supernatural Gifts
August 22, 2017This Satanic High Priestess Was No Match for God!
August 16, 2017Passionate Prayer Will Turn the Tides
March 30, 2017Conflicting Prophecies: Which One is True?
March 6, 2017Got To! A Film About the Poor of Nicaragua 3/3
February 13, 2017Questions From Heartdwellers, Part 1 of 2
December 12, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 3: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 11, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 2: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 10, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 1: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
August 30, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 7 - Taking Ground From the Enemy and A New Wave of Demonic Assignments
June 5, 2016My Personal Struggle With Unbelief
May 16, 2016Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony
March 22, 2016How I Train My Prophets
January 7, 2016Regaining Joy In Oppression
December 28, 2015Division in the Body is Grieving the Lord
December 20, 2015Ark Of The Covenant Found Sprinkled with Jesus Blood
October 29, 2015Assignment of Division on Strategic Relationships
October 11, 2015Discouragement & Condemnation Are Afoot, Teaching from Jesus
October 6, 2015Unforgiveness A Gridlock on Grace, Jesus Teaching
September 27, 2015"Why Didn't You Seek Me?" 9-27-15 comets, financial collapse, rapture
August 20, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 2
August 18, 2015Four Keys To Intimacy, Mark Virkler Interview
August 15, 2015Hope & Defeat Fatigue, Discouragement, How to Defeat This Demon
July 25, 2015Violate Your Comfort Zone, Welcome to Mine
July 2, 2015How To Build a Rhema Box & Separating Peas from Gravel
December 21, 2014Confusion - Listening to Too Many Prophets on the Rapture
December 14, 2014Secret Rapture 3 Days of Darkness, Our Discernment Process, True or False?