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February 20, 2019Marriage and Divorce
July 14, 2018Hindrances to Hearing & Seeing God
May 1, 2018It's a New Day: Ezekiel's Recovery
November 11, 2017Conquering Resistance
October 5, 2017God's Choice For Your Marriage
October 2, 2017Marriage is Partnership, Not A Competition
October 1, 2017Conflict in Marriage, How To Handle It
June 9, 2017When It Hurts To Let Go
June 7, 2017Miraculous Signs, Demonic Attack, Surgery by Jesus
April 23, 2017How Satan Gains Control of a Soul, (one example) Tactics of a Spirit of Division
February 3, 2017Hope for the Poison of Pride - There is Hope for the Proud
January 19, 2017Locked Up Behind The Bars of Self Pity & Retaliation
January 17, 2017The Hidden Power of Authentic Love in the Family & Interpretation of Dreams
August 12, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 4 - Secret Weapons of Satan Exposed, Used Daily On Us All + A Healthy Marriage
June 29, 2016Lord What Are You Doing With Us in This Hour?
April 25, 2016Our Nation's Future Update
April 13, 2016You Are The Light of the World & Tel Aviv's Fate
March 23, 2016Your Lives Have Not Been Wasted
March 13, 2016How To Handle An Assignment of Division
July 21, 2015Your Charity Must Exceed Your Knowledge
July 19, 2015The Yoke of Marriage in Ministry
June 24, 2015Distract Me with Your Comfort
June 4, 2015My Bride is a Proverbs 31 Woman
May 28, 2015My Presence in Your Marriage, Jesus Speaks on Marriage
May 20, 2015Abba Father's Grief, call to prayer for the Middle East
May 14, 2015Rest For Your Soul
March 23, 2015Persevere in Intimacy With the Lord, Last Tuesday, "Close Call"
January 15, 2015Spiritual Dryness 2 of 2, Heaven Talk
October 20, 2014My Sheep Hear My Voice
October 20, 2014Honoring your Husband
October 19, 2014Prophetic Word on Marriage & A Spiritual Partnership