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June 3, 2019Division Among My People MUST END
May 28, 2019The Church of My Father's Heart
May 24, 2019Heart Dwellers in China
May 20, 2019Purgatory in the Early Church
May 18, 2019Coming Up Higher - Are You Called?
May 14, 2019Purgatory - Where Is That in the Bible
May 10, 2019Many Are Called. Few Are Chosen. Even Less Respond.
April 27, 2019My Church Has No Need OF THE WORLD
April 18, 2019Destroying Compromise in My Church
April 8, 2019Mary, Model of Holiness and Heavenly Rewards
April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
November 30, 2018Confession and the Early Church
November 13, 2018The Lord's Supper & Confession
November 8, 2018Abraham Speaks; Resurrection of My Church
November 4, 2018The Lord is Restoring His Church
October 10, 2018Testimonies from the Channel
September 20, 2018Mysteries Revealed about Mary 2b of 7
September 20, 2018Mysteries Revealed about Mary 2a of 7
September 2, 2018Has Clare Just Been Deceived About Mary??
August 20, 2018I Will Make You Fishers of Men
August 18, 2018How is Jesus Really Present, Body and Blood, in the Host?
August 13, 2018Young Boy Dies Protecting Jesus in the Host
August 12, 2018Body and Blood of Jesus 2/2 (& THE SWORDS)
August 9, 2018The Body and Blood of Jesus 1 of 2
August 7, 2018What Did the First Apostles Believe?
August 4, 2018The Lord Teaches on His Church
July 31, 2018Crisis in the Vatican! Where Will the Catholics Go?
May 18, 2018When You Fall, I Am With You--Because I Love You
April 25, 2018Another Visit from the Great Cloud
February 7, 2018Children Being Tortured & Killed
December 2, 2017Avoid A Contaminated Christmas
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
November 22, 2015Open The Watergates of Unbelief, Jesus teaching on reaching souls
April 30, 2015Draw Souls To Me With The Fragrance of My Love