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June 3, 2019Division Among My People MUST END
April 30, 2019Final Exams for the Rapture in Progress
April 27, 2019My Church Has No Need OF THE WORLD
April 17, 2019Signs: The Coat and the Serving Tray
April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
February 11, 2019How the Enemy Plots to Divide Us
December 18, 2018Who Will Wipe the Spittle from My Face?
December 9, 2018Comfort Me. Come Back to Me, My People
September 16, 2018Your Prayers Are Working, But Time is Short
September 4, 2018Bring Your Fears to Me
July 17, 2018I Am Stretched Upon the Cross Over You, America
April 4, 2018Discernment 202: Advanced Lessons
January 19, 2018The Lord's Heart is Being Ripped Open by His Bride
August 19, 2017Satan's X-ray Vision Into Our Faults
April 23, 2017How Satan Gains Control of a Soul, (one example) Tactics of a Spirit of Division
January 19, 2017Locked Up Behind The Bars of Self Pity & Retaliation
January 7, 2017How The Enemy Separates Best Friends & Divides Teams
December 12, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 3: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 11, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 2: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
October 9, 2016Are You With Me or Against Me?
August 10, 2016Donald Trump Elected, Prophetic Dream
June 23, 2016Outsmarting the Enemy & Preserving Your Soul
June 20, 2016How a Root of Bitterness Can Change Your Destiny and DNA
March 13, 2016How To Handle An Assignment of Division
February 13, 2016Comfort One Another With These Words
December 28, 2015Division in the Body is Grieving the Lord
November 3, 2015Make Amends, Jesus is calling for healing of relationships.
October 29, 2015Assignment of Division on Strategic Relationships
August 2, 2015Justified by Rule Books or Relationship with Jesus?
April 25, 2015Your Hearts Are My Fragrant Garden
April 17, 2015Carry the Cross, Don't Judge, Preparation for War Almost Complete
March 25, 2015Another Soul for Heaven, Another Jewel in Your Crown, Timely Instructions
March 23, 2015Persevere in Intimacy With the Lord, Last Tuesday, "Close Call"
January 10, 2015Innocent Blood, Wounding Christians
January 4, 2015Spirit of the Lord? or Spirit of the Pharisee?
December 6, 2014How Deceiving Spirits Work
November 5, 2014Rapture Delayed, Dealing with Disappointment