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February 10, 2019We Have Been Infected With Seeds of Bitterness
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 10, 2019Are People of Prayer... Delusional??
November 30, 2018Confession and the Early Church
November 19, 2018Update & Mary Grace Visits from the Cloud
November 18, 2018Infused Knowledge vs. Learning & Rapture of the Good--or the Bad?
November 13, 2018The Lord's Supper & Confession
November 4, 2018The Lord is Restoring His Church
September 11, 2018Be Prepared: Another 9/11 Coming
August 20, 2018I Will Make You Fishers of Men
August 18, 2018How is Jesus Really Present, Body and Blood, in the Host?
August 13, 2018Young Boy Dies Protecting Jesus in the Host
May 6, 2018Rejected By Her Family: Letter
January 24, 2018Day One After the Tribulation
December 21, 2017Prayer is Critical to Bring Justice
September 10, 2017We Become One When You Receive My Body & Blood Each Day
March 15, 2017The Secrets of Worship & Does God Suffer? 1 of 2
January 26, 2017The Painting: Joy Comes in the Morning
December 24, 2016You Are Now My Bride & My Wife
September 24, 2016The Power of Communion Well Received
July 30, 2015Communion, Jesus teaches on Communion