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December 24, 2018Heaven Salutes Those Who Are Praying
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
December 9, 2018Comfort Me. Come Back to Me, My People
November 28, 2018Comfort Me, Honor My Birth - Reject Religiosity
November 21, 2018We Are in a War
December 26, 2017Invitation From a Lonely Jesus
December 16, 2017Spiritually Adopt a Trafficked Child
December 2, 2017Avoid A Contaminated Christmas
November 29, 2017SERIOUS!! AMERICA UNDER SIEGE & Have You Ever Lost It?
November 24, 2017I Grieved the Lord & Christmas
December 23, 2016The Battle Is Not Over Yet & Lonely Christmas for Some
December 4, 2016True Christmas Joy
December 1, 2016Defensive Power Unleashed in Giving Thanks
November 15, 2016Your Heart is Far From Me & Satan's Plan To Stop Trump 1 of 2
November 13, 2016What I Have Said, That Will I Do / Don't Let Holidays Take You Off Prayer!
December 23, 2015Leave Sweet Memories Behind, You May Never See Them Again On Earth
December 2, 2015My Feast Day vs. The Feast of Trumpets & Give to the Poor
December 1, 2015Uphold My Honor in This Season, My Bride
October 30, 2015Distractions, Exhaustion & The Rapture
September 29, 2015This Is A Time of Preparation
December 24, 2014Preserving Holiday Joy