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May 6, 2019The Gift
January 7, 2019A Letter From Jesus to Young Men & Women
September 18, 2018Confession: I Allowed Distractions to Steal Time
September 9, 2018Be Ready For Me to Take You at Any Time
May 1, 2018It's a New Day: Ezekiel's Recovery
December 3, 2017You're So Much More Than Beautiful
November 18, 2017Fear of Failing
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
October 12, 2017Foaming Lies At Your Feet
September 3, 2017Discovering Yourself
April 13, 2017But What Is My Mission Jesus? How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats Part 1 of 2
February 12, 2017Come To Me In Joyful Expectation
January 29, 2017My Bride Will Not Return to Me Void
January 14, 2017How God Restores Relationships and Us When We Fail
December 30, 2016MY Beauty for Your Ashes & Our Relationship
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
July 9, 2016Overcoming Failure & Do It Anyway 2
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting
May 23, 2016Hand In Hand With Daddy
April 22, 2016Your Greatest Strength
November 30, 2015My Graces Accomplishes All Things, Even Prayer
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
October 24, 2015I Am Truly Your Father
October 12, 2015Weapon Against Anxiety, Jesus teaches on Anxiety.
October 3, 2015"These Times Are Thick With Deception," Jesus
August 4, 2015Blessed Are the Peacemakers Who Keep Up Their Guard
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
June 20, 2015But, Lord! A Funny-Sad Tale of Disobedience and Pride
June 18, 2015Ezekiel's Rapture Dream, We Can't Make it Happen
June 16, 2015Disobedience Brings Sorrow
March 30, 2015Attacks Against The Faith Are On The Way Against the Rapture
February 15, 2015Demonic Obstacles against Hearing and Seeing Jesus
November 24, 2014Condemnation is the Food of Demons
October 8, 2014Blood Moon Rapture, Prophetic Word
July 30, 2013Turn Your Drama Into Peace
August 11, 2012Overcoming Fear