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April 12, 2019Rapture & Is It Exhaustion or Laziness?
February 25, 2019Jesus Waits in the Wedding Chamber
May 7, 2018A Hostile Conversation Turns to Sucker Punch: Letter
December 9, 2017Dream: The Millennial REGENERATION! Co-Creating w/God
May 17, 2017Falling Deeper In Love With God
September 11, 2016Bring Me Your Lowliness
July 29, 2016My Heavenly Bride, (& Spiritual Warfare)
May 31, 2016Your Lowliness, Your Lives Thru My Eyes
May 29, 2016How The Enemy Blocks Your Creativity With Demonic Intervention
April 30, 2016Who I Really Am To You
March 2, 2016Powerful Dream 600 mph Tsunami Hits San Francisco
January 9, 2016You Were Made For Me Alone
October 24, 2015I Am Truly Your Father
October 19, 2015"Enter Into My Rest" A teaching from Jesus
September 23, 2015Stand on Your Own Word From Me
September 16, 2015Living Everyday in the Realms of Glory
August 27, 2015Gaze Upon Me My Bride, (Bride of Christ) (Seeing Jesus)
August 20, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 2
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
June 3, 2015I Am My Beloved's and His Desire Is For Me
April 2, 2015Jesus is Waiting on the Turn Key Event to Begin The Rapture
February 8, 2015Jesus Romancing His Bride, from our Journal
December 21, 2014Singing River Chronicle, Chronicles of the Bride, Journeys in Heaven