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December 17, 2018Are You Living in Hopelessness?
May 13, 2018Our Father & Glory Be by Clare (music)
May 11, 2018Curses Turned to Crosses & How the Enemy Steals Time
May 18, 2017How Soon Is the Rapture?
December 25, 2016Please Stop Your Witchcraft Against Us-PLEASE! You Are at Serious Risk
December 24, 2016You Are Now My Bride & My Wife
December 16, 2016Those Who Dig A Pit Will Fall Into It & Forgiveness A Shield of Protection
December 15, 2016When Curses Land & Overcoming Bitterness
November 20, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 18 - How Demons Work - Interview w/Dr. Sherry 2 of 3
October 25, 2016Lost in the Woods, Seeds of Bitterness, The Power of Complaining
October 22, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 13 - Protection Through Obedience & The Best of the Worst Candidates
October 21, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 12 - Curses & Assignments on All Christians
May 16, 2016Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony
October 27, 2015I Will Restore Your Soul, Jesus is our strength.
May 30, 2015Jesus Speaks on: Why Our Enemies Are Important