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May 27, 2019Persevering in the Fires of Refinement
May 24, 2019Heart Dwellers in China
March 13, 2019Abortion Blood Pouring Forth from His Crown of Thorns
March 9, 2019Jesus Pleading With Us to Adopt Trafficked Children
February 9, 2019The Fragrance That Draws Me to Your Heart
February 5, 2019We Are Turning a Corner
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 10, 2019Are People of Prayer... Delusional??
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 5, 2019Defeat Approaching Forces with Prayer
January 4, 2019Dreams of Enemy Forces Taking Over America
September 18, 2018Confession: I Allowed Distractions to Steal Time
August 25, 2018Have You Felt Stripped and Fruitless?
August 15, 2018Pray, America & Do Not Sin Thru Gossip
June 27, 2018Your Prayers for America
June 5, 2018Intercede! & We Opened a Door Again: Ezekiel Attacked & Presumption in Marriage
May 13, 2018Our Father & Glory Be by Clare (music)
April 25, 2018Another Visit from the Great Cloud
April 24, 2018A Soul Who Got it Right: Chiara Luce
April 23, 2018More Suffering... Have FAITH
April 13, 2018A Messenger from the Great Cloud
February 22, 2018The Treasures Released Thru Suffering
February 21, 2018The True Purpose of Suffering
February 7, 2018Children Being Tortured & Killed
January 28, 2018With Christ, We Are Overcomers--Not Quitters
January 22, 2018Difficult Days: Persevere
January 19, 2018The Lord's Heart is Being Ripped Open by His Bride
January 18, 2018How Suffering Snatched a Soul from Hell
October 7, 2017We Are in The Final Hours; What You Can Do
August 16, 2017Passionate Prayer Will Turn the Tides
August 4, 2017Shadow Government Gaining Ground
June 9, 2017When It Hurts To Let Go
May 30, 2017Peace That Passes All Understanding
February 20, 2017Prayer & Suffering for America - Sickness: When is Enough, Enough?
February 9, 2017COURAGE My Children, COURAGE Pray No More Abortions
December 31, 2016Some Things Are More Important Than Being Right
December 17, 2016My Spirit is Gentle & Humble of Heart
November 20, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 18 - How Demons Work - Interview w/Dr. Sherry 2 of 3
November 13, 2016What I Have Said, That Will I Do / Don't Let Holidays Take You Off Prayer!
October 22, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 13 - Protection Through Obedience & The Best of the Worst Candidates
October 16, 2016This Is The Critical Hour
October 7, 2016Ascending the Mountain of Holiness
October 4, 2016An Invitation To Come Up Higher
September 29, 2016The Will Of My Enemies
September 16, 2016Interview with Ezekiel, part 2 of 2
August 19, 2016Golden Grace-Filled Years, Elderly, Best Wine Last
July 20, 2016I Am Releasing New Anointings
July 11, 2016God is Hearing the Russian People & Opposing the Elites
July 10, 2016Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
May 11, 2016Satanists Posing As Concerned Christians & Sickness/ Suffering