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March 6, 2019Meditating on the Lord's Wounds
December 24, 2018Heaven Salutes Those Who Are Praying
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
December 9, 2018Comfort Me. Come Back to Me, My People
August 30, 2018My Heart Aches For the Loss of This Soul
June 23, 2018God is Calling Us to Be a Father to The Poor
March 25, 2018Obedience is My Protection for You
January 19, 2018The Lord's Heart is Being Ripped Open by His Bride
December 24, 2016You Are Now My Bride & My Wife
April 18, 2016When The Lord is Painfully Silent
April 3, 2016Miami Soon to be Bombed & No Greater Love
February 26, 2016Holy Spirit's Desire for You & Purity vs. Sex
December 18, 2015Why The Need for The Blood Sacrifice
August 6, 2015Pitching a Pout (My Bad Temper and Pride)
July 13, 2015Waiting on the Lord
July 3, 2015Jesus Breaks The Silence & Jesus Before Pilate
June 27, 2015The Bride's Joys and Sorrows Intensify, Heaven Talk
June 24, 2015Distract Me with Your Comfort
March 30, 2015Attacks Against The Faith Are On The Way Against the Rapture
March 26, 2015I'm Calling You Closer, Our World is Coming to a Head
January 29, 2015Will You Receive This Splinter From My Cross? & When is Prayer Fervent??
December 13, 2014Prophetic Word For My Bride, Now or Never