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May 27, 2019Persevering in the Fires of Refinement
May 13, 2019Rapture Delay 5 Years and The Refuge
April 12, 2019Rapture & Is It Exhaustion or Laziness?
April 6, 2019Working With Clare and Meeting the Cloud
March 30, 2019Following the Love Plateaus up the Mountain of Holiness
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 2, 2019A Plea from Rainbow to Her Family
December 8, 2018Sherene: Jesus Saved Me from Suicide
January 8, 2018When You Are Tempted To Give Up...DON'T!!!
October 15, 2017Regaining Your Focus When You Fall
October 11, 2017Temptation to Quit
August 5, 2017Hope For This Hour Is Real
April 3, 2017Are We Wasting Precious Time? How to Protect Your Time
January 29, 2017My Bride Will Not Return to Me Void
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
August 24, 2016When Giving Up is Not an Option, Part 2
August 23, 2016When Giving Up is NOT an Option/Part 1/Interview with Ezekiel
June 5, 2016My Personal Struggle With Unbelief
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting
May 29, 2016How The Enemy Blocks Your Creativity With Demonic Intervention
March 8, 2016Forget Time and Get To Work
January 3, 2016Victory Over Trials, Temptations & Spiritual Muscle
December 31, 2015Prowling Lions and Your Three Enemies
November 26, 2015Increase Will Overtake You
October 27, 2015I Will Restore Your Soul, Jesus is our strength.
September 5, 2015What's Your Price?
August 24, 2015Fly Paper & The Best Laid Plans
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
July 30, 2013Turn Your Drama Into Peace