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August 15, 2018Pray, America & Do Not Sin Thru Gossip
August 27, 2017Just One Movement of the Earth's Crust
February 20, 2017Prayer & Suffering for America - Sickness: When is Enough, Enough?
July 11, 2016God is Hearing the Russian People & Opposing the Elites
April 25, 2016War Comet Rapture Treaty-Order of Events
April 10, 2016Evading Capture, Jesus Instructs Us
January 8, 2016Invasion, Underground Cities, Prayer Defeats the Enemy
May 7, 2015What Must Befall This Nation and The Earth
December 21, 2014NWO & Russian Troupes & North Korean Snipers on American Soil, Prophetic Dream
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word