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January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
August 27, 2018Pray Against Suicides and Use the Rosary
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
March 14, 2018"I Draw Best with Broken Pencils"
January 25, 2018Ancestral Memories & Your Calling
November 18, 2017Fear of Failing
September 6, 2017Satan's Agenda for U.S. About to Receive A Fatal Blow
August 12, 2017Are Jesus and Satan Brothers? Exodus: Gods & Kings Movie, Holy Trinity Explained Part 2 of 3
April 10, 2017Awesome Inspiring Word, We Are Moving Into Our Season of Destiny (a powerful word from Lana Vawser)
February 12, 2017Come To Me In Joyful Expectation
December 28, 2016Begin Your Day In My Joy & Embrace
November 12, 2016A Taste of World Peace
October 31, 2016Bondage to Satan, Halloween Night
October 17, 2016Will You Fulfill Your Divine Destiny?
October 14, 2016You Will Know My Glory - You Can Never Out Give Me
October 6, 2016Come to Me Ready to Dance & New Age Music is a Genre of Music
September 20, 2016Spiritual Attacks, Prayers for Our Enemies
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
August 24, 2016When Giving Up is Not an Option, Part 2
July 22, 2016Evangelize with Brotherly Love & Pres. Putin's Anti Freedom of Religion Law
June 18, 2016Choose God & Sanctity or Self & Mediocrity
June 14, 2016Rest In Me Until I Carry You Over the Threshold of Eternity
May 26, 2016On The Brink Of War Again
May 23, 2016Hand In Hand With Daddy
April 23, 2016Creativity Renders You Responsive To Me
March 20, 2016Enemy Tactics & An Invitation & Opportunity
March 14, 2016Why Temptations & Hope For You Who Are Lost
March 11, 2016My Young Paternal Heart (God the Father and Jesus His Son)
March 8, 2016Forget Time and Get To Work
February 13, 2016Comfort One Another With These Words
February 9, 2016Why Am I Least of All?
January 26, 2016You Will Experience Ecstatic Freedom
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
December 20, 2015Ark Of The Covenant Found Sprinkled with Jesus Blood
December 20, 2015Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.
November 22, 2015Open The Watergates of Unbelief, Jesus teaching on reaching souls
November 19, 2015"Introduce Me, Not Religion," Jesus said.
November 18, 2015Go Out And Love, One At A Time, Jesus is sending us out.
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
October 24, 2015I Am Truly Your Father
October 16, 2015Water Your Gifts, Teaching from Jesus on Persevering
October 14, 2015"Believe In Your Dreams" Jesus teaches on our destinies.
October 13, 2015"Your Are My Unique Masterpiece" Jesus
September 28, 2015Don't Be Led Astray, by lies against the faith
September 9, 2015"Build With Fire Tried Gold" Jesus admonishes.
August 25, 2015Financial Collapse of Our Government
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays