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May 13, 2019Rapture Delay 5 Years and The Refuge
October 25, 2018Rapture Update October 2018
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
September 19, 2018Possible Jihad in America
September 18, 2018Confession: I Allowed Distractions to Steal Time
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
October 21, 2017Rapture Delay... Are You Bitterly Disappointed?
October 20, 2017We Have Been Granted More Time
August 16, 2017Passionate Prayer Will Turn the Tides
April 7, 2017When Is The Rapture? Signs Are Everywhere?? 2 of 2
April 1, 2017Prayer is Breaking the Evil Hold Over our Nation
March 25, 2017America is in Trouble - NYC IN DANGER - Prophetic Word from Jesus
February 9, 2017COURAGE My Children, COURAGE Pray No More Abortions
November 10, 2016Trump Wins - The Battle Begins
August 8, 2016This Is A New Day, We Have 3 Years Before the Rapture
August 7, 2016Jesus Gives Us 3 More Years, Conditionally
July 27, 2016Rapture Delay, More Clarity
July 25, 2016Come, Let Us Talk About The Delay (Rapture Delay)
July 23, 2016Prayer & Repentance Holds Judgement Back & Elects Donald Trump
July 18, 2016Judgement, War & Rapture DELAYED!!!!! Mercy for America & The World
July 11, 2016God is Hearing the Russian People & Opposing the Elites
June 14, 2016Rest In Me Until I Carry You Over the Threshold of Eternity
June 5, 2016My Personal Struggle With Unbelief
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting
May 15, 2016Your Beauty Is Marvelous To Behold
April 25, 2016Our Nation's Future Update
April 24, 2016What's Delaying The Rapture?
April 2, 2016Prophetic Dreams 4-2-16, WWIII, Korean Invasion, Family Stays Behind
February 20, 2016You Will Feel a Deep Quietude
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
November 21, 2015Glorious Bride Arising w Her Torch/Rapture Timing Revisited
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
September 10, 2015It's All About You, Jesus
September 7, 2015Dome of the Rock Prophetic Dream
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
August 18, 2015We Are New Wineskins & is the World Collapsing in September?
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
May 16, 2015Rapture Drills Are Purifying My Brides
May 11, 2015Come To Me Through Worship; Through Your Expectations, I Am Removing Stains
November 5, 2014Rapture Delayed, Dealing with Disappointment
October 13, 2014Prophetic Word Rapture & Conflict in Marriage
October 8, 2014Blood Moon Rapture, Prophetic Word