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March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
February 15, 2017Questions From Heartdwellers Part 2 of 2
August 22, 2016Are You Called?
February 11, 2016Let Us Live This Life Together, The Little that Remains...
January 8, 2016Invasion, Underground Cities, Prayer Defeats the Enemy
December 30, 2015Prepare for Your Wedding Day 2
September 9, 2015"Build With Fire Tried Gold" Jesus admonishes.
May 17, 2015The Deeper Meaning of Our Wedding Day, Jesus Speaks
May 10, 2015Prepare For Your Wedding Day
March 30, 2015The Celestial Wedding, & Advent of the Rapture Rapture is Here, Revised
December 24, 2014Your True Home, Chronicles of the Bride in Heaven
October 1, 2014Fourth Rapture Dream
September 13, 2014Our Wedding Day r