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March 18, 2019Left Behind Warning to the Church
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
January 10, 2019Are People of Prayer... Delusional??
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 6, 2019Jesus is Counting on Our Prayers
January 5, 2019Defeat Approaching Forces with Prayer
December 28, 2018Continue to Cover the President in Prayer
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
October 1, 2018BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week?
September 18, 2018Confession: I Allowed Distractions to Steal Time
June 24, 2018Nukes Planted by Deep State to Blackmail POTUS
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
February 13, 2018We Are In Very Great Danger! But There Is Hope, If...
November 30, 2017Did Marines Storm CIA Headquarters? Yes, They Did.
October 25, 2017Will You Walk With Me in this Season?
October 7, 2017We Are in The Final Hours; What You Can Do
September 20, 2017The Earth Reels Like A Drunkard, Pray for Mercy
August 25, 2017Your Prayers Are Turning Back Evil
August 23, 2017S.O.S. Message!!
March 28, 2017America Hanging in the Balance, Satan's Offerings vs. Our Prayers
March 25, 2017America is in Trouble - NYC IN DANGER - Prophetic Word from Jesus
December 17, 2016My Spirit is Gentle & Humble of Heart
November 12, 2016A Taste of World Peace
July 23, 2016Prayer & Repentance Holds Judgement Back & Elects Donald Trump
July 20, 2016I Am Releasing New Anointings
July 11, 2016God is Hearing the Russian People & Opposing the Elites
June 22, 2016Urgent Prayer Alert! June 22, 2016
June 5, 2016My Personal Struggle With Unbelief
June 2, 2016Prayer Alert-Pray for Mercy
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting
March 5, 2016Events Before the Rapture & Thumb Drive for Left Behind
February 24, 2016Your Prayers Are Holding Back The Father's Wrath
February 20, 2016You Will Feel a Deep Quietude
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
August 9, 2015Pray For Mercy & More Time, Jesus on Prayer
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
April 7, 2015Everything Seems Business As Usual (Rapture Still Pending)