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April 10, 2019Time Correction on Warning Video
January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
December 24, 2018Heaven Salutes Those Who Are Praying
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
September 23, 2018The Last Trump - After the Rapture
September 9, 2018Be Ready For Me to Take You at Any Time
October 20, 2017We Have Been Granted More Time
September 20, 2017The Earth Reels Like A Drunkard, Pray for Mercy
September 9, 2017The Hurricanes and Fires
August 21, 2017Pray with Passion, Your Enemy Advances
July 2, 2016Great Suffering is About to Befall the World, Prophetic Word
June 4, 2016Your Prayers Are Working
April 25, 2016War Comet Rapture Treaty-Order of Events
April 10, 2016Evading Capture, Jesus Instructs Us
March 2, 2016Powerful Dream 600 mph Tsunami Hits San Francisco
February 23, 20163 Prophetic Dreams Today, WW3 is About to Start
February 18, 2016Restoration Will Come
January 26, 2016You Will Experience Ecstatic Freedom
January 18, 2016We Are Drawing Closer and Closer to the End
April 6, 2015The Great Revival, After the Rapture
February 14, 2015Are You Prepared to Stand before the Son of Man?, Heaven Talk