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April 25, 2019Arrogance in Me and Beltane
January 6, 2019Jesus is Counting on Our Prayers
January 5, 2019Defeat Approaching Forces with Prayer
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
October 11, 2018America the Great? or America the Godly
September 23, 2018The Last Trump - After the Rapture
September 13, 2018More Prayers are Needed in This Hour
October 6, 2017Nuclear War On American Soil, Obama Collusion w/ N.K. to Destabilize America
August 16, 2017Passionate Prayer Will Turn the Tides
August 4, 2017Shadow Government Gaining Ground
July 5, 2016The Heaviness of Waiting for the Rapture
June 29, 2016Lord What Are You Doing With Us in This Hour?
June 26, 2016Higher Realms of Prayer and Sacrifice Changing the World
April 25, 2016War Comet Rapture Treaty-Order of Events
April 24, 2016What's Delaying The Rapture?
April 12, 2016Mercy! Comet Will Only Graze Earth
March 2, 2016Powerful Dream 600 mph Tsunami Hits San Francisco
February 20, 2016You Will Feel a Deep Quietude
February 14, 2016You're Coming Home, My Bride
February 2, 2016I'm Coming For You & Refugee Crisis
December 24, 2015You Will Have Peace Amidst Chaos
September 1, 2015As Darkness Increases, So Must Your Worship
July 29, 2015Tipping Point, Evil is on the Rise, Jesus speaks to His Bride
June 9, 2015We're Going Home
June 6, 2015The Frustration and Anger of Waiting for Jesus
May 16, 2015Rapture Drills Are Purifying My Brides
May 13, 2015You Do Not Receive Because You Do Not Believe
April 17, 2015Carry the Cross, Don't Judge, Preparation for War Almost Complete
April 2, 2015Jesus is Waiting on the Turn Key Event to Begin The Rapture
March 31, 2015Keep a Rapture Vigil With Me & Do Not Judge
December 21, 2014Work As If There Were No Tomorrow