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March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
December 9, 2018Comfort Me. Come Back to Me, My People
June 8, 2018Come. Drink From the Nectar of My Heart
January 4, 2017Abiding In The Vine vs. Burnout in Ministry
September 11, 2016Bring Me Your Lowliness
July 10, 2016Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
June 18, 2016Choose God & Sanctity or Self & Mediocrity
April 22, 2016Your Greatest Strength
April 20, 2016Drink of the Deep Things of God
December 20, 2015Ark Of The Covenant Found Sprinkled with Jesus Blood
September 20, 2015I Desire Mercy, a prophetic teaching from Jesus
April 30, 2015Draw Souls To Me With The Fragrance of My Love