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April 30, 2019Final Exams for the Rapture in Progress
April 17, 2019Signs: The Coat and the Serving Tray
March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
March 18, 2019Left Behind Warning to the Church
March 6, 2019Lent is a Time for Purifying
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
October 26, 2018When You Are Troubled, I Am Troubled
March 25, 2018Obedience is My Protection for You
September 4, 2017Continue to Fast - Spiritual War Zone
June 29, 2017Anatomy of A Distraction Leading To Sin
February 15, 2017Adornments for the King's Bride
October 19, 2016Donald Trump is Still God's Choice, Trump vs. Clinton
September 7, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 9 - My Sin & God's Mercy
August 22, 2016Are You Called?
June 14, 2016Rest In Me Until I Carry You Over the Threshold of Eternity
June 4, 2016Your Prayers Are Working
April 23, 2016Creativity Renders You Responsive To Me
April 19, 2016Get Ready For Your Journey
February 8, 2016Some of You Are Still on the Fence, Prophetic Word from Ezekiel
January 10, 2016Learning the HARD Way/Playing Deaf
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
November 15, 2015Community & Those Who Live For Themselves
September 5, 2015What's Your Price?
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
July 16, 2015"Baptize Them In My Love" Jesus said.
June 16, 2015Disobedience Brings Sorrow
May 18, 2015Footsteps of Obedience, Jesus Speaks on the Eternal Value of Obedience
May 6, 2015Buy of Me Fire-Tried Gold
November 5, 2014Black Panther Prophetic Dream
September 28, 2014My Bride is Not Responding
September 5, 2014Content In All Circumstances