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April 10, 2019Time Correction on Warning Video
March 26, 2019A Mystery of Redemption
March 25, 2019Cry of the Unborn (Watch the video on
March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
March 18, 2019Left Behind Warning to the Church
March 13, 2019Abortion Blood Pouring Forth from His Crown of Thorns
March 9, 2019Jesus Pleading With Us to Adopt Trafficked Children
February 14, 2019God's Judgment to Fall on Pro-Abortion Adherents
September 14, 2018Extinction Level Event Planned by The Clay Feet
September 9, 2018Be Ready For Me to Take You at Any Time
June 2, 2018Apology for Neglecting You & Why NEVER Abortion
March 27, 2018Tragic Death of a Teen Forced into Abortion
March 20, 2018Intense Intercession Against Abortion
November 18, 2017Fear of Failing
February 9, 2017COURAGE My Children, COURAGE Pray No More Abortions
November 10, 2016Trump Wins - The Battle Begins
November 8, 2016Election Day - "The Decisive Hour" Jesus said
August 10, 2016Donald Trump Elected, Prophetic Dream
March 22, 2015What If This Were Your Last Few Weeks, REVISED, Nuclear War, Rapture