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April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
May 7, 2018A Hostile Conversation Turns to Sucker Punch: Letter
November 4, 2017I Hurt My Jesus & Soaking Music is New Age?
November 3, 2017At Odds With Jesus
May 17, 2017Falling Deeper In Love With God
February 12, 2017Come To Me In Joyful Expectation
September 26, 2016I Need MORE prayers! Sanctify Your Sorrows
May 11, 2016Satanists Posing As Concerned Christians & Sickness/ Suffering
April 11, 2016Your Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed
April 1, 2016How Prayer Fails
November 27, 2015My Heart Skips A Beat
September 14, 2015New Onslaught of Demons Released Against My Bride, Your Defense is Personal Holiness
September 8, 2015"My Heart Does Not Deceive" Jesus, "Nothing's Happening in September"
July 13, 2015Waiting on the Lord
January 10, 2015Innocent Blood, Wounding Christians
September 28, 2014My Bride is Not Responding