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February 10, 2019We Have Been Infected With Seeds of Bitterness
January 17, 2019Dragons: God's Creation Fallen to Satan's Perversion
August 27, 2018Pray Against Suicides and Use the Rosary
May 1, 2018It's a New Day: Ezekiel's Recovery
April 6, 2018Ezekiel's Dream About President Trump--A Call to Travail
February 28, 2018Intensified Nefarious Tactics Against Us
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
October 9, 2017Angels Wounded
September 9, 2017The Hurricanes and Fires
September 4, 2017Continue to Fast - Spiritual War Zone
May 21, 2017Jesus to His Bride-A Pure Heart is Irresistible
March 22, 2017I Am Carrying You Over the Threshold of Your Dreams & Rivalry
February 3, 2017Hope for the Poison of Pride - There is Hope for the Proud
November 12, 2016A Taste of World Peace
June 9, 2016Prayer Alert - June 9th
May 29, 2016How The Enemy Blocks Your Creativity With Demonic Intervention
February 29, 2016The Vine of Our Love & Age of Accountability
February 24, 2016Your Prayers Are Holding Back The Father's Wrath
February 20, 2016You Will Feel a Deep Quietude
January 21, 2016Powerful is the Prayer of the Heart
December 31, 2015Prowling Lions and Your Three Enemies
December 18, 2015Why The Need for The Blood Sacrifice
September 17, 2015Your Prayers on Their Behalf, coyotes outside my window
April 24, 2015Rescued From A Familiar Spirit