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January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
August 18, 2018How is Jesus Really Present, Body and Blood, in the Host?
August 12, 2018Body and Blood of Jesus 2/2 (& THE SWORDS)
August 9, 2018The Body and Blood of Jesus 1 of 2
June 4, 2016Your Prayers Are Working
April 9, 2016God Will Provide For Those Left Behind
March 31, 2016From Glory to Glory
February 15, 2016Remember These Things & Remnant Church
November 7, 2015Surviving The Coming Tribulation
October 5, 2015"Are You Ready for The Rapture?" Jesus asks us.
July 25, 2015Violate Your Comfort Zone, Welcome to Mine
July 15, 2015You Have Rejected My Rule
May 9, 2015Jesus Instructs the Left Behind: Put No Confidence In The Flesh
April 13, 2015Count the Cost (Of An Intimate Relationship with Jesus)
April 6, 2015The Great Revival, After the Rapture
April 1, 2015Jesus Speaks On: After the Rapture, The World Will Mourn - part 7
March 31, 2015Keep a Rapture Vigil With Me & Do Not Judge
March 27, 2015Your Pets Will Be Taken in The Rapture
March 16, 2015Why Must Revelation Be Fullfiled, Jesus Speaks on What Is To Come, Part 11
March 16, 2015Troubled Waters, Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come, Part 10
March 13, 2015Prepare Packages, Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come, Part 9
March 12, 2015The Day The Bombs Fall, Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come, Part 8
March 9, 2015Prophetic Dream: Aliens Disguised
March 8, 2015Jesus Speaks On: Demons, Aliens, Volcanoes, and Hell expanding
March 6, 2015Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come After The Rapture, 5: Who I Can Protect, And Who I Cannot Protect
March 5, 2015Jesus Speaks: After the Rapture 3&4: How to stay under God's protection.
March 5, 2015Jesus Speaks On: What Is To Come After The Rapture, Part 2: The Events
March 2, 2015Jesus Speaks On: What Is To Come After The Rapture, Part 1 Order of Events
December 5, 2014The Rapture and Beguiling Spirits
November 3, 2014They Will Be Left Behind, Prophetic Word
October 7, 2014Post Rapture Letter from God 3
October 7, 2014Post Rapture Letters From God 1
September 2, 2014Left Behind in Nuclear War, Sequence of Events Before and After Rapture