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November 28, 2018Comfort Me, Honor My Birth - Reject Religiosity
September 2, 2018Has Clare Just Been Deceived About Mary??
November 6, 2017Jesus Clarifies New Age & A-444.4 Tuning
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
August 16, 2017Passionate Prayer Will Turn the Tides
October 6, 2016Come to Me Ready to Dance & New Age Music is a Genre of Music
August 6, 2016Is Still Small Voice A Study in Blasphemy? Is Clare du Bois Possessed?
March 5, 2016Events Before the Rapture & Thumb Drive for Left Behind
November 24, 2015From Jesus with Love
October 3, 2015"These Times Are Thick With Deception," Jesus
September 10, 2015It's All About You, Jesus
August 26, 2015Government Collapse Clarified, You Poor Are My Gift to the World
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
May 16, 2015Rapture Drills Are Purifying My Brides
March 31, 2015Keep a Rapture Vigil With Me & Do Not Judge