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April 8, 2019Mary, Model of Holiness and Heavenly Rewards
May 7, 2018A Hostile Conversation Turns to Sucker Punch: Letter
January 1, 2018Pray for Liberal Eyes to be Opened
October 5, 2017God's Choice For Your Marriage
May 21, 2017Jesus to His Bride-A Pure Heart is Irresistible
April 19, 2017Be True To Me, Clare, Be True to Me
February 6, 2017Guard Your Hearts and Bodies from Demonic Influence
July 22, 2016Evangelize with Brotherly Love & Pres. Putin's Anti Freedom of Religion Law
February 7, 2016Temptations Against Purity, Be On Guard
January 6, 2016Unique and Monogamous With Jesus
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
December 23, 2015Leave Sweet Memories Behind, You May Never See Them Again On Earth
November 18, 2015Go Out And Love, One At A Time, Jesus is sending us out.
October 21, 2015Power In Reconcilliation
October 11, 2015Discouragement & Condemnation Are Afoot, Teaching from Jesus
October 5, 2015"Are You Ready for The Rapture?" Jesus asks us.
September 14, 2015New Onslaught of Demons Released Against My Bride, Your Defense is Personal Holiness
August 25, 2015Financial Collapse of Our Government
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
July 13, 2015Waiting on the Lord
April 19, 2015Blessed Are the Pure, For They Shall See Me
February 14, 2015Are You Prepared to Stand before the Son of Man?, Heaven Talk
December 10, 2014Discernment, Finger Prints of the Enemy
November 7, 2014Bride of Christ and Her Wrinkled Wedding Gown
October 10, 2013Welcome to