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November 30, 2015My Graces Accomplishes All Things, Even Prayer
November 9, 2015"Don't Fret Over Time" Jesus admonishes us....
November 1, 2015"Persevere in Prayer," Jesus shares.
October 16, 2015Water Your Gifts, Teaching from Jesus on Persevering
October 14, 2015"Believe In Your Dreams" Jesus teaches on our destinies.
September 17, 2015Your Prayers on Their Behalf, coyotes outside my window
September 10, 2015It's All About You, Jesus
August 30, 2015My Distracted Bride & My Compassion for Her
August 24, 2015Fly Paper & The Best Laid Plans
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
August 19, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 1
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
July 10, 2015Your Past Is In Our Way (trouble connecting with the Lord in prayer?)
July 6, 2015Wrap The Lost In The Blanket of My Love
July 2, 2015How To Build a Rhema Box & Separating Peas from Gravel
June 11, 2015The World To Come
June 6, 2015The Frustration and Anger of Waiting for Jesus
May 22, 2015My Bride Is Beautiful on the Battlefield
May 20, 2015Abba Father's Grief, call to prayer for the Middle East
May 16, 2015Rapture Drills Are Purifying My Brides
May 11, 2015Come To Me Through Worship; Through Your Expectations, I Am Removing Stains
April 25, 2015Your Hearts Are My Fragrant Garden