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September 19, 2015Be On Guard, Pride, Anger and an Apology
August 30, 2015My Distracted Bride & My Compassion for Her
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
August 16, 2015Patience
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
July 27, 2015Sincerity, Prophetic Word from Jesus on Our Characters
July 4, 2015Minister To Me My Tender Bride, July 4th, 2015
June 4, 2015My Bride is a Proverbs 31 Woman
June 1, 2015Why Does God Allow Suffering?
April 25, 2015Your Hearts Are My Fragrant Garden
April 16, 2015Can Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?
April 15, 2015We Are On The Verge Of War & Forgiveness Comes Before Intimacy
April 11, 2015Jesus shares how to recognize that you will be raptured
April 3, 2015"My Child, You are Forgiven" a meditation with Jesus
February 14, 2015Are You Prepared to Stand before the Son of Man?, Heaven Talk
January 10, 2015Innocent Blood, Wounding Christians