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September 22, 2021Seeking God's Counsel First
September 22, 2021Is The Lord Avoiding You
September 22, 2021The Sorrow of Inductees to Taliban
September 21, 2021Pushing Back The Darkness
September 20, 2021Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail
September 18, 2021From My Heart to Yours
September 17, 2021Do Whatever He Says
September 17, 2021Children Under Instruction
September 16, 2021Who You Become When You Pray
September 16, 2021Prayer For The World - My Blood Kills Covid
September 15, 2021Where Love is Lacking So Is Obedience
September 15, 2021The Dehumanization of War
September 14, 2021Woe to Scoffers and Mockers
September 14, 2021The Lord Will Unify
September 13, 2021America, America!
September 13, 2021Truth Series - 6 of 6 - What Does Intercession With Mary Look Like
September 11, 2021Nibiru's Affect on Our World
September 11, 2021Nibiru and the Cleansing of the Earth
September 10, 2021Be As Angels Walking Among Men
September 10, 2021Truth Series - 5 of 6 - Are We Deceived
September 9, 2021Pray From The Heart
September 9, 2021Truth Series - 4 of 6 - She Prayed for ME
September 8, 2021War is Coming
September 8, 2021Truth Series - 3 of 6 - We Do Not Pray To Mary
September 7, 2021Saint Michael Saves Marine
September 7, 2021Truth Series - 2 of 6 - Can We Pray From Heaven
September 6, 2021Beware Those in Authority
September 6, 2021Truth Series - 1 of 6 - Great Cloud Story
September 3, 20212012 Movie Very Accurate
September 3, 2021Littleness is the Best Posture
September 2, 2021When Graces Are Blocked
September 2, 2021Disposition of Your Heart
September 1, 2021Take My Hand I Want to Help
September 1, 2021New Age Testimony
August 31, 2021Torturing Jesus For What is to Come
August 31, 2021Dark Matter Starts Riots & New Covid Cure-Singapore
August 30, 2021Love in Times of Turmoil
August 30, 2021There Will Be Many Trials At This Time
August 29, 2021Heavenly Weapons
August 28, 2021Now-A Time Like No Other In History
August 28, 2021I Am At Your Right Hand
August 26, 2021Jesus Talks About His Mother's Role
August 26, 2021The Way Up is The Way Down
August 24, 2021Brotherly Love-Holy Cement
August 23, 2021The Love Particle: God's Weapon against CERN technologies & demon aliens
August 21, 2021Reincarnation - Is It True
August 20, 2021You Were Not Born on the Fence
August 19, 2021Jimilyn's Story - Wake Up Fence Sitters
August 18, 2021Humility Is a Vacuum Holy Spirit Rushes To Fill
August 17, 2021The World Is In Turmoil