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December 15, 2014Jesus Harlot Bride, Prophetic Dream
December 14, 2014Secret Rapture 3 Days of Darkness, Our Discernment Process, True or False?
December 13, 2014Prophetic Word For My Bride, Now or Never
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word
December 12, 2014Jesus Teaches on Discernment
December 12, 2014Tag Along Monsters, When You Fall...
December 11, 2014Homeruns for Heaven, His Grace Will Not Return to Him Void
December 10, 2014Discernment, Finger Prints of the Enemy
December 10, 2014Lamb of God, a very moving song by Ezekiel
December 10, 2014You Place A Coat Upon My Back, God's Kind Providence
December 9, 2014Jesus' True Virgin Brides, Prophetic Message
December 9, 2014Where You Pasture Your Flock
December 8, 2014Jesus is My Lover and My Friend
December 6, 2014How Deceiving Spirits Work
December 5, 2014The Rapture and Beguiling Spirits
November 24, 2014Condemnation is the Food of Demons
November 23, 2014Dancing on the Waters of Adversity, Prophetic Admonition
November 23, 2014Pacific Ring of Fire Earthquake and Wyoming Nuclear Event Prophetic Dreams
November 19, 2014Wealthy Evangelists Reach Out to Your Own, Prophetic Admonition
November 19, 2014Prosperity Teachers & Money Ministers... The Poor Go Without and Suffer
November 11, 2014"Childhood" music by Ezekiel du Bois, track 2
November 11, 2014"Childhood" music by Ezekiel du Bois, track 1 : Dance with Me
November 11, 2014Endless Embrace, music from Journeys Through The Beautiful Place
November 10, 2014Round the Bend, music from Journeys Through the Beautiful Place
November 9, 2014Liberation, Soaking Prayer in Heaven with Jesus
November 9, 2014Healing Waters (Watch the video on
November 9, 2014To Love You, song about Jesus
November 8, 2014Merciful Master, a song of repentance
November 8, 2014Raptured In The Storm reprise
November 7, 2014Bride of Christ and Her Wrinkled Wedding Gown
November 6, 2014How Priceless is Intimacy with God
November 5, 2014Black Panther Prophetic Dream
November 5, 2014Rapture Delayed, Dealing with Disappointment
November 3, 2014They Will Be Left Behind, Prophetic Word
November 3, 2014Will I Make The Rapture?
November 3, 2014The Rapture and Nuclear War Dreams & Prophetic Word
October 31, 2014Have No Fear of the Future, The Bride Knows Her God
October 31, 2014Love Song of Jesus carousel
October 31, 2014Transforming Kisses from God, Prophetic Word
October 31, 2014Do Not Fear or Reject Intimacy with God, He Desires Your Company
October 30, 2014Fear of Man Quenches the Spirit
October 30, 2014Nothing Can Separate us From His Love
October 25, 2014The Bride Will Not Yield Her Holiness to Money
October 25, 2014The Righteous Bride Will Not Quench the Spirit, Intro
October 22, 2014Hold Me Lord, Ezekiel du Bois
October 22, 2014Search My Heart Lord
October 22, 2014Jesus Comes To Us Softly
October 22, 2014God The Father Sings a Welcome to His Child
October 22, 2014Still The Same
October 20, 2014My Sheep Hear My Voice