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March 16, 2021Tragedy Looms Unless WE Repent and Pray
March 16, 2021Agent of Grace
March 16, 2021Lost in China Dream and The Millennium
March 16, 2021The Refining Fires
March 15, 2021Total Surrender
March 12, 2021Intro to Mother Elisabeth
March 10, 2021Alien Vehicles Will Fill The Skies
March 10, 2021God's Limitless Merciful Love
March 8, 2021The Great Awakening... What is it
March 3, 2021The Sealed Remnant
March 2, 2021When It Is Time To Move On
March 1, 2021Rosary Puts Demons to Flight
February 28, 2021A Glimpse Into the Future
February 28, 2021Your Redemption Draws Near
February 27, 2021An Assignment of Division
February 24, 2021Keep Both Hands to the Plow
February 23, 2021Fish On!
February 20, 2021A Love Letter to You
February 19, 2021Flexing Your Spiritual Muscles
February 17, 2021Johnny's Heavenly Journey Home
February 17, 2021Serious Nuclear Threat Right NOW
February 15, 2021The Honeymoon, in Heaven with Jesus (repost)
February 14, 2021Homeruns for Heaven, His Grace Will Not Return to Him Void (repost)
February 13, 2021Your God Stands Beside You
February 12, 2021Stay In Peace and Prayer
February 9, 2021Angel Talk, Angels Waltz - Song
February 9, 2021The Name of Jesus Routes Demons
February 8, 2021Shoulder to Shoulder Unity
February 4, 2021The Armor of God-Helmet
February 3, 2021China Cry - Song
February 2, 2021Psalm 15, Who May Dwell - Song
February 2, 2021King David Restored & Curiosity An Occasion of Sin
January 31, 2021Come Unto Me All Who Are Weary
January 28, 2021In God We Trust
January 27, 2021The Making of a Great Soul
January 20, 2021BE Watchful & STAND
January 20, 2021JB is Absalom and President DT will take office at the right time. Trust me
January 18, 2021We Are Living In The Time of the Clay and Iron Feet
January 18, 2021Two Minute Warning
January 17, 2021Donald & Melania Will Be Raptured
January 14, 2021The Time We are Entering shall be like no other
January 12, 2021Do Not Be Afraid-God Is Winning
January 7, 2021Update on Our Nation's Drama
January 6, 2021Repentance and Intercession Needed Now
January 5, 2021Lady Poverty In Our Community
January 4, 2021Don't Take The Bait & Rapture Preparation
January 3, 2021Avoid Prophets Who Are Condemnatory
December 30, 2020My Mother Is The Woman In Revelations 12 and She Will Be With You During The Tribulation