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November 10, 2017Running Ahead of the Lord-A Correction
November 8, 2017Pick Yourself Back Up-I Will Carry You
November 7, 2017Heart Calling Out
November 6, 2017Jesus Clarifies New Age & A-444.4 Tuning
November 4, 2017I Hurt My Jesus & Soaking Music is New Age?
November 4, 2017Sea of Galilee Dwelling Song, tuned to A-444
November 3, 2017At Odds With Jesus
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
October 30, 2017Set Free From a Profound Sense of Defeat
October 28, 2017The Joy of Being IN The Arms of My Bride!
October 25, 2017Will You Walk With Me in this Season?
October 24, 2017Jesus, What Can I Do? part 2 of 2
October 23, 2017Jesus, What Can I Do? part 1 of 2
October 21, 2017Rapture Delay... Are You Bitterly Disappointed?
October 20, 2017We Have Been Granted More Time
October 19, 2017Ask Me For Supernatural Gifts
October 17, 2017You Are Coming Into Your Fullness
October 15, 2017Regaining Your Focus When You Fall
October 12, 2017Foaming Lies At Your Feet
October 11, 2017Temptation to Quit
October 9, 2017Angels Wounded
October 7, 2017We Are in The Final Hours; What You Can Do
October 6, 2017Nuclear War On American Soil, Obama Collusion w/ N.K. to Destabilize America
October 5, 2017God's Choice For Your Marriage
October 3, 2017Prayer Alert: October 3, 2017
October 2, 2017Marriage is Partnership, Not A Competition
October 1, 2017Conflict in Marriage, How To Handle It
September 27, 2017Introduction to the new Binding Prayer 9-26-2017
September 24, 2017Supremely Frustrating Interruptions Cause Seeds of Bitterness and Resentment
September 24, 2017False Prophets Have Led My People Astray
September 20, 2017The Earth Reels Like A Drunkard, Pray for Mercy
September 20, 2017Dishonesty--Satan's Open Door
September 18, 2017Hurricanes' Aftermath... Why? & Prayer Time Compromise
September 15, 2017Fasting and The Cloud-of-Lies Media
September 15, 2017"The Lonely Garden," a contemplative meditational
September 15, 2017The Story Behind: The Lonely Garden, Prophetic instrumental
September 11, 2017The Seas Have Lifted Up Their Voice
September 10, 2017We Become One When You Receive My Body & Blood Each Day
September 9, 2017The Hurricanes and Fires
September 6, 2017Satan's Agenda for U.S. About to Receive A Fatal Blow
September 4, 2017Continue to Fast - Spiritual War Zone
September 3, 2017Discovering Yourself
September 1, 2017Warning: Exhortation to Pray and Fast
August 31, 2017Dusk, a very sad melody
August 31, 2017Jesus in a Box & Some Days Are Like This
August 27, 2017Just One Movement of the Earth's Crust
August 27, 2017In You I Am Well Pleased
August 25, 2017Your Prayers Are Turning Back Evil
August 23, 2017S.O.S. Message!!