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September 1, 2020My Beloved Family in China
August 31, 2020You Are Not Shipwrecked (Watch the video on
August 27, 2020Jesus on Peace of Heart
August 23, 2020Come Deeper in My World and Satanists
August 22, 2020Deliver Us from Evil
August 20, 2020EMERGENCY Call to Prayer NOW
August 19, 2020Turn These Sufferings to Grace
August 14, 2020How You Frustrate My Plan for Holiness
August 13, 2020War with China
August 7, 2020The Anointing is in the Appointing
August 5, 2020Deeper & Sweeter With Jesus
August 2, 2020Transformed Into Christ, Daily
July 31, 2020Communion-My Fullness For Your Weakness
July 31, 2020Jesus Addresses Melancholy
July 28, 2020To My Lonely Brides
July 28, 2020How the Enemy Destroys Our Faith
July 23, 2020The Unforgiving Servant
July 20, 2020Your Impact on Our Nation
July 15, 2020I Want My Bride To Hear Me
July 9, 2020My Heart Does Not Deceive, Nothing's Happening in September
July 2, 2020Why Discernment Fails
July 1, 2020Getting Your Prayers Answered & Witches
June 26, 2020Is God Calling You
June 21, 2020The Poor at Your Gates
June 17, 2020Gamma Rays Kill Virus
June 11, 2020Judgement, War & Rapture DELAYED!!!!! Mercy for America & The World
June 8, 2020Come-Unity
June 8, 2020Hope For Weary Brides
June 4, 2020Persecution & Revival in Penasco
June 4, 2020Fathers Arise!
June 3, 2020Rest On My Heart
May 27, 2020Arise America
May 26, 2020St. Francis on Holiness
May 23, 2020Underground War In Progress
May 21, 2020Prayer and Release from Oppression
May 19, 2020Under Attack
May 19, 2020Ezekiel's Dream & Debris Cloud
May 15, 2020Dream, Donald Trump in a Casket
May 15, 2020May 15 2020 message Trust in Me Alone
May 13, 2020Be Prepared. Fire Will Fall From Heaven
May 9, 2020Faith Family not Institution and RAPTURE
May 7, 2020The Wandering Soul
April 30, 2020Courage, You Are All Unique (Watch the video on
April 23, 2020Innocense the Key to My Heart (Watch the video on
April 17, 2020The Trials of Life (Watch the video on
April 17, 2020The Hard Work of Suffering (Watch the video on
April 13, 2020Mr. President-Urgent Prayer! (Watch the video on
April 13, 2020The Rapture and Nuclear War Dreams & Prophetic Word (Watch the video on
April 7, 2020My Brides I Need You (Watch the video on