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February 12, 2016Your Tears Are Stored in Golden Flasks
February 11, 2016Let Us Live This Life Together, The Little that Remains...
February 10, 2016Be Vigilant, Protect Your Fruit
February 9, 2016Why Am I Least of All?
February 8, 2016Some of You Are Still on the Fence, Prophetic Word from Ezekiel
February 7, 2016Temptations Against Purity, Be On Guard
February 6, 2016Binding Demons Prayer (February 5, 2016)
February 5, 2016Please, Receive My Love
February 4, 2016The Rapture, What You Will Experience
February 2, 2016I'm Coming For You & Refugee Crisis
February 1, 2016Support One Another in Your Weaknesses
January 29, 2016Lions in Heaven & Your Heart's Desires
January 28, 2016February... A Month of Testings
January 27, 2016Lukewarm...Little Foxes Spoil the Vine
January 26, 2016You Will Experience Ecstatic Freedom
January 25, 2016War Drums Are Beating In Heaven
January 24, 2016I'm Not a Mannequin
January 23, 2016Resist Gossip & Judgment, Nations of the World Deteriorating
January 21, 2016Powerful is the Prayer of the Heart
January 20, 2016Tinkling Northern Lights & the Coming Conflagration
January 18, 2016We Are Drawing Closer and Closer to the End
January 16, 2016Stay Tuned...New Search Engine and Upgrades on Resources for You
January 15, 2016Doors of Mercy Closing, On God's Clock Only Seconds Left...
January 14, 2016Lukewarmness, How It Happens
January 13, 2016You Are The Highpoint of My Day
January 12, 2016Man's Best Friend
January 10, 2016Learning the HARD Way/Playing Deaf
January 9, 2016You Were Made For Me Alone
January 8, 2016Invasion, Underground Cities, Prayer Defeats the Enemy
January 7, 2016Regaining Joy In Oppression
January 6, 2016Unique and Monogamous With Jesus
January 5, 2016Warrior or Lover for Christ
January 3, 2016Victory Over Trials, Temptations & Spiritual Muscle
January 2, 2016A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break
January 1, 2016I Wanted to Go Fishing, But the Nets Were Torn
December 31, 2015Prowling Lions and Your Three Enemies
December 30, 2015Prepare for Your Wedding Day 2
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
December 28, 2015Division in the Body is Grieving the Lord
December 27, 2015I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness
December 25, 2015Christmas Eve 2015
December 24, 2015You Will Have Peace Amidst Chaos
December 23, 2015Leave Sweet Memories Behind, You May Never See Them Again On Earth
December 22, 2015Desire, Selfwill & Consequences
December 20, 2015Ark Of The Covenant Found Sprinkled with Jesus Blood
December 20, 2015Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.
December 18, 2015Why The Need for The Blood Sacrifice
December 15, 2015The Coming Revival, Authentic Worshippers, Arc of the Covenant
December 14, 2015Avoiding Holiday Quarrels
December 13, 2015The Lord Savors His Time With Us