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November 23, 2015Your Worst Enemy
November 22, 2015Open The Watergates of Unbelief, Jesus teaching on reaching souls
November 21, 2015Glorious Bride Arising w Her Torch/Rapture Timing Revisited
November 19, 2015"Introduce Me, Not Religion," Jesus said.
November 18, 2015Go Out And Love, One At A Time, Jesus is sending us out.
November 17, 2015If You Love Me ...Rapture... Sexual Temptations, Teaching from Jesus
November 15, 2015Community & Those Who Live For Themselves
November 14, 2015Pure Life In Me, a word from Jesus
November 13, 2015I Will Rejoice Over You With Singing & Dancing
November 12, 2015Divination vs Authentic Intimacy with God
November 11, 2015The Invitation To Overcome Temptation
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
November 9, 2015"Don't Fret Over Time" Jesus admonishes us....
November 8, 2015"Follow Your Dreams" Jesus encourages us.
November 7, 2015Surviving The Coming Tribulation
November 5, 2015"You Are My Heaven On Earth," Jesus said.
November 4, 2015You Are Ambassador's to the Desolate Soul
November 3, 2015Make Amends, Jesus is calling for healing of relationships.
November 2, 2015Please Your Parents or Please Me
November 1, 2015"Persevere in Prayer," Jesus shares.
October 30, 2015Distractions, Exhaustion & The Rapture
October 29, 2015Assignment of Division on Strategic Relationships
October 28, 2015"Time Is Short, Some of You ARE Ready, " Jesus admonishes
October 27, 2015I Will Restore Your Soul, Jesus is our strength.
October 26, 2015Death of Our Beloved Dog
October 24, 2015I Am Truly Your Father
October 23, 2015Trust Me Child & You Are Faithful and True in All Things
October 22, 2015"Evil Thrashes At The Door" Prophetic Warning from the Lord
October 21, 2015Power In Reconcilliation
October 20, 2015"Unconditional Trust in Me"
October 19, 2015"Enter Into My Rest" A teaching from Jesus
October 17, 2015"Grieve Not, Joy Comes in the Morning," Jesus on Our Loved Asleep
October 16, 2015Water Your Gifts, Teaching from Jesus on Persevering
October 15, 2015"More Blessed To Give Than to Receive," A Jesus Teaching
October 14, 2015"Believe In Your Dreams" Jesus teaches on our destinies.
October 13, 2015"Your Are My Unique Masterpiece" Jesus
October 12, 2015Weapon Against Anxiety, Jesus teaches on Anxiety.
October 11, 2015Discouragement & Condemnation Are Afoot, Teaching from Jesus
October 10, 2015"I Inhabit Your Praises My Bride" Jesus teaching on praise
October 9, 2015My Mercy & The Millenium
October 8, 2015The Sucker Punch Revisited
October 7, 2015A Good Tree Cannot Bear Bad Fruit
October 6, 2015Unforgiveness A Gridlock on Grace, Jesus Teaching
October 5, 2015"Are You Ready for The Rapture?" Jesus asks us.
October 3, 2015Healed of Blindness by Jesus
October 3, 2015"These Times Are Thick With Deception," Jesus
October 2, 2015Formula For Healing From Jesus
October 1, 2015Gift of Healing, Jesus gives us Points to Remember
September 30, 2015"Stand in Resolve, The Gift of Healing is Being Released To You" Jesus
September 29, 2015This Is A Time of Preparation