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April 4, 2020Are We The Church at Sardis (Watch the video on
April 2, 2020This Is Your Time of Visitation (Watch the video on
April 1, 2020My Protection is With The Obedient (Watch the video on
March 30, 2020Harken Unto Me While There is Yet Time (Watch the video on
March 28, 2020Your Prayers Turn To Mercy (Watch the video on
March 19, 2020Maurice Sklar Warning To All From The Lord (Watch the video on
March 16, 2020The Prayer That May Save Our Lives Today (Watch the video on
March 13, 2020Walking a Blameless Life (Watch the video on
March 10, 2020Urgent About President Trump (Watch the video on
March 10, 2020America Pray (Watch the video on
March 3, 2020Are You Still Putting on Your Armor - Are You Putting It On With Jesus (Watch the video on
February 27, 2020Let the Little Ones Shine
February 27, 2020To My Beloved Chinese People and A Prophecy
February 18, 2020The Hospital - The Abraham Test (Watch the video on
February 17, 2020Urgent Prayers for the Coronavirus and Ezekiel in the Hospital (Watch the video on
February 16, 2020Hannah's Heart Chapter Ten – Chosen (Watch the video on
February 14, 2020Longing to Be on Fire for God (Watch the video on
February 7, 2020Fire Tried Gold II (Watch the video on
February 6, 2020The Smokescreen of False Guilt
February 5, 2020Teetering on the Edge of Disaster
February 4, 2020Hannah's Heart Chapter 9 (Watch the video on
January 30, 2020Wakeup Calls and Condemnation
January 28, 2020Compromise - Satan's Best Traps
January 23, 2020Sidestepping Strife in Family and Group Situations
January 22, 2020The Will Of My Enemies (Watch the video on
January 21, 2020When Every Human Joy is Gone (Watch the video on
January 17, 2020Lord I Feel So Weak (Watch the video on
January 15, 2020The Impossible (Watch the video on
January 14, 2020Hannah's Heart Chapter 8 (Watch the video on
January 9, 2020The Maroon Beret (Watch the video on
January 5, 2020Hannah's Heart Chapter 7 (Watch the video on
January 4, 2020You're a Leader When You Can Follow (Watch the video on
January 3, 2020Depression and Weakness - Why (Watch the video on
January 1, 2020Entanglements Hinder Your Life Goals (Watch the video on
December 29, 2019Hannah's Heart Chapter Six (Watch the video on
December 27, 2019Children Incarcerated at Our Border
December 26, 2019Carry On in the Pain (Watch the video on
December 20, 2019Why Do I Fail?
December 19, 2019The Chosen Video Series
December 17, 2019The Gift I Wish to Give My Bride in This Season
December 15, 2019Hannah's Heart Chapter Five (Watch the video on
December 14, 2019The True Celebration of Christmas
December 12, 2019Deadly Dynamics in Community vs. God's Dynamics
December 11, 2019The I'm Useless Lie and Seek My Truth
December 8, 2019Hannah's Heart - Chapter Four
December 7, 2019Christmas and My Heart for the Poor
December 6, 2019Our Lady's Passion
December 4, 2019You Do Not Know the Scriptures
December 3, 2019Restoration to His Sweet Embrace
November 29, 2019Extended Prayer Alert