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April 12, 2019Rapture & Is It Exhaustion or Laziness?
April 11, 2019The Armor of God - The Helmet pt 1 of 5
April 10, 2019Time Correction on Warning Video
April 8, 2019Mary, Model of Holiness and Heavenly Rewards
April 6, 2019Working With Clare and Meeting the Cloud
April 4, 2019Clare Has Not Abandoned You & New Onslaught of Demons
April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
April 1, 2019Book Excerpt: Hannah and the Armor of God pt 2
April 2, 2019Book Excerpt: Hannah and the Armor of God pt. 1
March 30, 2019Following the Love Plateaus up the Mountain of Holiness
March 26, 2019A Mystery of Redemption
March 25, 2019Cry of the Unborn (Watch the video on
March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
March 21, 2019Abortion: After Effects
March 18, 2019Left Behind Warning to the Church
March 16, 2019Books that have formed my Spirituality 3 of 3
March 16, 2019Books That Have Formed My Spirituality, 2 of 3
March 14, 2019Books That Have Formed My Spirituality, 1 of 3
March 13, 2019Abortion Blood Pouring Forth from His Crown of Thorns
March 9, 2019Jesus Pleading With Us to Adopt Trafficked Children
March 8, 2019Testimonies of the Lord's Presence in Communion
March 6, 2019Lent is a Time for Purifying
March 6, 2019Meditating on the Lord's Wounds
March 4, 2019Intel Update: PRAY Against Arming Biological Weapons w/Dead Man's Switch
February 26, 2019Cleansing Power of Praise Gives Hope
February 25, 2019Jesus Waits in the Wedding Chamber
February 20, 2019Marriage and Divorce
February 14, 2019God's Judgment to Fall on Pro-Abortion Adherents
February 11, 2019How the Enemy Plots to Divide Us
February 10, 2019We Have Been Infected With Seeds of Bitterness
February 9, 2019The Fragrance That Draws Me to Your Heart
February 5, 2019We Are Turning a Corner
January 29, 2019Gains From Intercession
January 28, 2019From Prison Ships to Glorious Mercy
January 26, 2019Results From Our Prayers for the President
January 23, 2019Sing to Me
January 22, 2019The Light is Still With You
January 19, 2019Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks of Travail?
January 17, 2019Dragons: God's Creation Fallen to Satan's Perversion
January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
January 10, 2019Are People of Prayer... Delusional??
January 8, 2019Act in Obedience; Leave the Results to Me
January 7, 2019A Letter From Jesus to Young Men & Women
January 6, 2019Jesus is Counting on Our Prayers
January 5, 2019Defeat Approaching Forces with Prayer
January 4, 2019Dreams of Enemy Forces Taking Over America
January 2, 2019A Plea from Rainbow to Her Family
December 28, 2018Continue to Cover the President in Prayer
December 27, 2018Special Thank You to Heartdwellers in Trinidad & Tobago
December 26, 2018Air Force One in Danger Now