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August 28, 2015You Are Unique, Follow My Vision For Your Life
August 27, 2015Gaze Upon Me My Bride, (Bride of Christ) (Seeing Jesus)
August 26, 2015Government Collapse Clarified, You Poor Are My Gift to the World
August 25, 2015Financial Collapse of Our Government
August 24, 2015Fly Paper & The Best Laid Plans
August 22, 2015Martha & The Wineskin, Divine Union and the New Wine
August 20, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 2
August 20, 2015"I'm Grateful To You My Bride", a prophetic word from Jesus to us
August 19, 2015Clare Shares her insights on Mark Virkler's, 4 Keys to Hearing God Part 1
August 18, 2015Four Keys To Intimacy, Mark Virkler Interview
August 18, 2015We Are New Wineskins & is the World Collapsing in September?
August 16, 2015Patience
August 15, 2015Hope & Defeat Fatigue, Discouragement, How to Defeat This Demon
August 14, 2015Restitution, Doubts & Moving Forward
August 13, 2015My "Foolish Behavior" & Anger, Jesus called it.
August 11, 2015Rapture When?
August 10, 2015When A Sigh IS Prayer, Power of a Mother's Prayer, Will You Stand
August 9, 2015Pray For Mercy & More Time, Jesus on Prayer
August 8, 2015The Uglies
August 6, 2015Pitching a Pout (My Bad Temper and Pride)
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
August 4, 2015Blessed Are the Peacemakers Who Keep Up Their Guard
August 2, 2015Justified by Rule Books or Relationship with Jesus?
August 1, 2015Communion Service, Very Simple Version
July 31, 2015A Simple Communion Service by Clare du Bois
July 30, 2015Communion, Jesus teaches on Communion
July 29, 2015Tipping Point, Evil is on the Rise, Jesus speaks to His Bride
July 28, 2015"Receive From Me My Church" Jesus said.
July 27, 2015Sincerity, Prophetic Word from Jesus on Our Characters
July 26, 2015Discerning the Sucker Punch
July 25, 2015Violate Your Comfort Zone, Welcome to Mine
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
July 23, 2015The Black Panther Prowls Again
July 22, 2015CERN Wickedness Increases, My Warring Bride, Pride Protection
July 21, 2015Your Charity Must Exceed Your Knowledge
July 20, 2015The Unpardonable Sin & Use What I Have Given You & Aftermath of War
July 19, 2015The Yoke of Marriage in Ministry
July 18, 2015Minister My Love On This Channel
July 17, 2015Rope of Grace Teaching
July 16, 2015"Baptize Them In My Love" Jesus said.
July 15, 2015You Have Rejected My Rule
July 15, 2015Come to Me My Lost & Lonely Ones
July 14, 2015Psalm 91+33 Crusade Prayer
July 13, 2015Waiting on the Lord
July 12, 2015Why Are People Leaving My Church
July 11, 2015Come Out of Religion, Come Dwell in My Heart
July 10, 2015Your Past Is In Our Way (trouble connecting with the Lord in prayer?)
July 9, 2015The Love Particle: God's High Tech Weapon against CERN technologies & demon-aliens
July 8, 2015Jesus Speaks on THE GOD DIMENSION & Video Games
July 7, 2015Talents, What Did You Do With What I Gave You?