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June 21, 2021The Sorrowful Heart of Mother Mary
June 17, 2021The Lord's Mirror
June 9, 2021Jesus Has A Gift For Us-ASK
June 7, 2021Daddy Is Speaking, Healing Meditation
June 5, 2021Training For Christ
June 5, 2021Apparitions and Signs in the Sky
June 4, 2021Satan's Campaign Against Your Gift
June 2, 2021Blessed Mother-Escape from Condemnation
June 1, 2021Breakthrough & Equipping Coming
May 26, 2021Pray For Your Enemies
May 23, 2021Impatience vs Kindness
May 23, 2021Our Lady 5-19-21 Appears During the Rosary
May 21, 2021God Is Preparing Us To Stand With Him
May 18, 2021What is Hidden Will Be Brought to Light
May 15, 2021Receive The Gift of Bilocation, Accompany Me
May 12, 2021Israel and Tragic Worldwide Conflicts
May 9, 2021I Want My Bride To Hear Me Now
May 7, 2021Letter To A Rich Young Ruler
May 7, 2021Humility Nourishes Unity
May 6, 2021I Will Confound Your Naysayers
May 3, 2021Rapture Held Back
May 2, 2021New Anointings Comes With A Crown
April 30, 2021My Rebellious Attitude
April 27, 2021Guardian Angels Duet.mp4 (Watch the video on
April 23, 2021I Am So Pleased With You
April 22, 2021Rapture Update & My Call to The Unwanted
April 21, 2021You Are Your Brother's Keeper
April 20, 2021In The Storm
April 17, 2021Underground Utopia
April 17, 2021Another Chinese Occupation Dream
April 15, 2021Music of the Angelic Spheres - Song.mp4 (Watch the video on
April 13, 2021Celestial Stairway - Song.mp4 (Watch the video on
April 11, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 7 of 7
April 10, 2021America Behind the Scene
April 10, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 6 of 7
April 9, 2021Wait On My Timing
April 9, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 5 of 7 & Travailing Prayer
April 8, 2021Priestly Gifts of The Elect
April 8, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 4 of 7 My Mother's Virtue
April 6, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 3 of 7
April 5, 2021Mysteries Revealed about Mary 2b of 7
April 2, 2021Mysteries Revealed about Mary 2a of 7.mp4 (Watch the video on
March 31, 2021Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church pt. 1 of 7
March 30, 2021Am I Obstinate
March 28, 2021Update on Events and Holy Week
March 27, 2021Accompany Me This Holy Week
March 26, 2021How The Lord Made A Priest Out Of Me
March 24, 2021Pray When Others Cannot Pray
March 22, 2021My Bride My Body is Suffering Right Now
March 16, 2021Tragedy Looms Unless WE Repent and Pray 2